the New Liberator heading appears in the bottom right corner of the collage. The rest of the image contains simple black and white illustrations of landscapes, armies, cities, scenes from the Bible, nude women, shepherds, and ships among others.
1Excerpt from Legends and Myths of Ancient Minnesota, 2020. Artwork by the author composed of every symbol from The New Liberator. A complete archive of The New Liberator is available via the International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals:

American Fascism as Aesthetic Experience

Identifying the symbols and myths of fascism as a warning sign for its political actions

1Glenn Ligon, Untitled (Stranger in the Village #16), (2000).

Poetics in Pandemics, Poetry Against State Violence

Poet and editor 신 선 영 辛善英 Sun Yung Shin delivers a manifesto on the necessity of poetry in the time of pandemic and racist state violence, making an urgent case for language work as a technology against erasure, as a form of spell-casting, as a space for claiming erotic power and possibility.