1. Dancer leans on wooden bucket. 2. Group of dancers onstage, one holding a selfie stick. 3. Person sits on bench with head in their hands. 4. Person holds silver laptop in the air.
1Clockwise from top left: 1. Tumelo Khupe performs in Just Her Time choreographed by Wynn Fricke at Jacob's Pillow in 2018. Courtesy Tumelo Khupe. 2. Megan Mayer, This is supposed to be my Fertile Window. Photo: Sean Smuda. 3. Emily Michaels King, DIGITAL, 2021. Photo: Tyler Michaels King. 4. Arneshia Williams. Photo: Stan Waldhauser.

When the Beings in the Room Come Alive

A roundtable on virtual dance, pandemic making, and being a human in the field with Arneshia Williams, Megan Mayer, Tumelo Khupe, and Emily Michaels King