Literature 5-20-2008

What Light: This Week’s Poem: Rebecca Frost

This week's winning poem, "Ilium" (selected by poet Bryan Thao Worra) is by Rebecca Frost. ALSO: Come hear many of the winning poets for yourself, June 1 at Magers and Quinn from 5-7 pm.

Rebecca Frost
What Light poetry anthology


The moon rolled over
in bed; her right hip
exposed. Round white
boulder, tipped on its
side. Somewhere
over China, she leaned
on her elbow, face in hand,

Her ovaries are
burning coals. Her pelvis,
the white hot bowl.


Poems represent a crystallization of the dynamic calculus that occupies daily life. To say they are not political would be to write with one limb amputated. To present them without beauty would be to avoid the profound responsibility that artists may inhabit. To fail to allow for adequate mess, means we are settling for the cheap and easy. To miss their mathematical nature, means we aren’t tuning in deeply enough.


Rebecca Frost recently graduated with an MFA in Writing from Hamline University. Her poems have been published in Grounds for Peace, Close to the Ground, Currents, the first What Light anthology, and Writers Rising Up: an online journal, as well as a prizewinning broadside. A veteran performer, Rebecca teaches writers to overcome fears of reading (and doing anything else) in public. For further information, contact her via