The Pangaea Station: The Chimera of Arezzo

Our underground video series by Taylor Baldry makes a special return with more fun facts about art history brought to you by the Zorn Corporation. This time, our host takes on one of art's great mashups, the famed "Chimera of Arezzo."

chimera of arezzo
1Chimera of Arezzo, bronze, c. 400 BCE. Courtesy of Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Florence.

The Pangaea Station Art Education Video Series is a “fun-ducational” video series hosted by Taylor Baldry, produced by the Zorn Corporation in partnership with Each episode aims to bring good times together with fun art history facts. The series is filmed beneath Minneapolis, Minnesota in the Pangaea Station: a subterranean, mobile, geo-practical facility.

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Taylor Baldry

Taylor Baldry is an artist, community organizer and large-nosed person. Baldry studied Visualization at MCAD and after graduation became a designer  and animator for a boutique marketing agency. In 2009, Baldry moved to Japan, where he taught English, judged beauty contests, and ate rice. Two years later, Baldry returned to Minneapolis and guided by a need for meaningful conversations in the digital age, he founded the Conversationalist Project. Baldry shares project updates, surprise …   read more