General 8-16-2002

The C. R. Index

Introduction to the Community Manager and the Upcoming New


A number of uncanny correspondences between our new community manager’s life and work are revealed in the following Index. Coincidence? Or are they evidence of some Higher Power at work, a Personnel Manager with omniscience? We may never know–

Hi! My name is Colin Rusch. I was recently hired to be the community manager for As a Minneapolis-based dance maker with experience in community organizing, web development, and creating business-to-business marketplaces, I am thrilled to be’s liaison for Minnesota artists and arts organizations. Starting this October I will also be facilitating’s new online community forums. If there is a topic you would like to discuss, please send suggestions to

This summer we began working to transform into an online hub for Minnesota’s arts community. Below you can learn more about upcoming events, what is happening on the site currently, and a few interesting tidbits about me. But first, dates to mark on your calendar:

Today and every day : Post your news, announcements, and opportunities on Contact Ann Klefstad at for a password, or email your news to her.

September 20, 2002: Deadline for submissions to 5 Minutes of Fame, a 24-hour online channel of Minnesota artists.
October 2002: relaunches with a new look and increased functionality!

October 18-19, 2002 5 Minutes of Fame,’s online launch celebration. Thousands of people will see your work!

The Facts

Colin’s surface area in square meters:


Times Colin has unintentionally run into a cement pillar:


The surface area of a fifteen-foot-tall, one-foot-square cement pillar in square inches:


Number of days Colin has lived as of August 11, 2002:


Date of Colin’s next birthday:

October 1, 2002

Date will be relaunched:

October 2002

New features on starting October 2002:

A new visual design and increased ability for artists to define the look and content of their profiles.

Support for multiple file types, including sound, video, and text files.

Organization profiles. Be the first organization on your block to sign up for Then let everyone know what you are up to by posting events, news, and opportunities on the site.

Online community software. We will bring you the only online community dedicated exclusively to Minnesota artists. This community will include a bulletin board for artist opportunities, threaded discussions, and resources for your art-making practice. The Utne Cafe has graciously offered to help us develop this functionality. Get ready. We’re going to make it worth your while!

Colin’s favorite food:


Estimated number of donuts Colin has eaten in his lifetime:


Number of artists signed up for as of August 11, 2002:


Estimated number of donuts Colin will have eaten in his lifetime if he lives 80 years:


Number of visitor sessions on during June 1-30, 2002:


Number of visitor sessions on during July 1-30, 2002:


Average length of those sessions in minutes:


Reason to post your organization’s news to

Hundreds of people viewing your announcement daily

Alicia’s date of birth (Alicia is Colin’s sister):

October 19, 1971

Date of Black Monday:

October 19, 1987

Date of 5 Minutes of Fame, new launch celebration:

October 18-19, 2002

Number of years ago Alicia started kindergarten:


Number of hours streaming channel will feature Minnesota artists for 5 Minutes of Fame:


Points the Dow Jones lost on Black Monday:


Number of Minnesota artists who will have their work featured in this event:


Number of visitors expects to see this event:


How you can include your work in this event:

Click here

Number of nicknames Colin has that he will tell you about:


The number of names has had since its inception:


Colin’s nicknames:


The Cruscher


Mr. Pink

The official name of

Colin’s most recent guilty pleasure:

Reality television

Your next online habit, starting in October 2002:

Discussing the last show you saw on

Colin’s e-mail address in case you have questions about or ideas for what you would like to see on the site: