General 5-31-2005

Poem of the Week: Fran Addington

Our current poem of the week is "The Funeral," written by Fran Addington. For more about this feature, see the links at the foot of the article.

Fran Addington

The Funeral

Johnny and Duncan were flying their kites in St. Louis Park, when they saw a white squirrel hit by a car. Johnny rushed to its aid, and a neighbor volunteered to take it to a vet, but, alas, it was too late.

The boys fetched trowels, and dug the animal a grave. Then they decided to make it a tombstone. They argued about whether they should name it “Keven” or “Bill”. Then each decided to do their own thing. Duncan’s cardboard tombstone said:

“Here lies Keven”.

Johnny’s said: “I saw Bill get hit by a car wen I was fling my kite. And then I pikt him up and wen I pikt up the white squirrel he was still breathing and a lady stopped by and tried to help and asked if she should take him to a vet. And he died.”