General 1-5-2005

Our New Home: Remodeled Top to Bottom

As you may have noticed, we have a new outfit for the New Year. Kathleen Kvern tells you all about it. We hope it doesn't make us look fat.

Kathleen Kvern

The New Year has given a new look and increased site enhancements. We want to introduce you to what’s happening on the site and how you will benefit from the changes.

First, however, the staff at would like to thank Robin Dowden, Director of New Media at the Walker Art Center, and her amazing team, Eric Williams, Nate Schroeder, and Brent Gustafson, for all of their work in revitalizing the web site. We really appreciate what they’ve done and hope you will too.

Here’s an overview of the site enhancements that we’ve made:

We implemented URL mapping strategy that incorporates artist’s names.

In other words, you can now give your web page to clients, friends, and others simply and clearly.
For example, Colin used to have to put this on his business card: How awkward and confusing is that to remember!
Now Colin (and you) adds his name as follows:
and throngs of people are directed right to his web page on!

The home page has been redesigned.
You’ll notice we are now featuring rich media (sound, moving images, writting) on the home page in addition to the rotation of visual images. We hope this encourages more artists from all disciplines to upload their work. For information and help with uploading your media files go to

The forums will be right up front on the home page.
Each month will host focused forums with guest speakers talking on topics pertinent to artists. We invite you to participate in the conversation. For an overview of how to participate in the forums go to

The articles have new prominence on the site.
The articles, reviews, and features on are some of the best and most comprehensive writing on the arts anywhere. We’ve moved them up on the page so they’re featured the way they deserve. Email and let us know what you think and what you’re interested in reading.

You will also find that the navigation is clearer, the search function is improved, using the site is easier and more intuitive, and more information and resources have been provided. As if that isn’t already enough, we have planned for growth and will continue to upgrade and improve the site to respond to member needs.

Please let us know what you think. We appreciate your participation on and look forward to the next year. If you have any questions, comments, problems, or would like additional information on what you find on please feel free to contact us at

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