Literature 1-9-2015

What’s So Funny? – With James Moore

Comedy writer and performer James Moore talks about starting ComedySportz as a high schooler and how, 20 years later, stand-up comedy and improvisation still gives him a home where he fits.

james moore

About this month’s featured guest in our monthly podcast on the craft of comedy:

Comedy writer and performer James Moore talks about starting ComedySportz in High School and realizing that he had found a place he fit. Now, 20 years later he breaks down how stand-up comedy lets him think and create on his own and improvisation forces him to be the best, most social version of himself.

A native of Richfield, MN, James Moore has been doing stand-up for over ten years. He’s a regular featured performer at Acme Comedy Company, and has been a member of ComedySportz Twin Cities since 1995. He’s performed at colleges, clubs and bar mitzvahs nationwide. James has also been seen in national television commercials, and has appeared on Fox Sports Network’s Softball 360. He was also seen for, literally, half a second on Last Comic Standing.


About the host:

Levi Weinhagen is a comedy writer, podcast producer, theater maker and host. He has written & performed with the Brave New Workshop, the Ministry of Cultural Warfare, HUGE theater, Pick-A-Line productions, the Science Museum of Minnesota & many more. In 2010 Levi co-founded, along with Joshua English Scrimshaw, the Twin Cities based all-ages theater company Comedy Suitcase.

Levi is the producer & host of the award-winning  Pratfalls of Parenting, a podcast featuring conversations with artists about the relationship between being an artist and being a parent. He is the co-host of the science and comedy podcast Regret Labs. He also produced and co-hosted the highly inappropriate improvised comedy podcast Trendz. From 2011 to 2013 I was social media manager and contributing writer for the online Twin Cities performing arts magazine Minnesota Playlist.

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Levi Weinhagen

LEVI WEINHAGEN writer, producer, performer, podcaster, trainer and educator TEACHING I currently develop curriculum for and lead classroom residencies and workshops as a teaching artist with the state-wide organization COMPAS. This has given me the opportunity to work in-depth with groups across the state including elementary age children of active duty military parents, middle school students from immigrant and refugee communities, intergenerational families coping with Alzheimers and elders …   read more