General 8-17-2002

Trying to Make My Place

Where I live, and try to work, there are two old house trailers on 40 acres of abandoned farmland. The alders are taking over; the “lawn” is too rough
to mow, and we have to haul water. . . because the well never got hooked up. (But it’s only been six years since we moved to the place, and my partner and I
are still trying to make the plan work.)

My workspace migrates between our “dwelling” –the newer trailer, with electricity and septic facilites–and the “studio/shed/whatever” in the older trailer, which is missing some doors and windows, and houses an assortment of objects (drafting table, easels, old paintings, books, etc.) and critters (mice and hornets, mostly). Sometime in the (near, please, be near) future, I hope to rig some
sort of heating arrangement, set up proper lighting, plug a few holes, and embark on a strong, new body of work.

The land around us is incredibly beautiful and serene, with absolutely unending sources of inspiration. In this place, I draw, carve, model clay figures, cut and engrave discarded glass, and sometimes write a little poetry. I plan to stay!

Please send your thoughts on place and making to and we’ll post them here. Include an image or two if you wish: just attach the image files to your message.