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Mn Artists Presents: Eric Larson’s Meme Town

October 5, 2017

What can internet memes do? An art object frequently encountered by a wide range of communities, memes complicate boundaries between artists and non-artists, originals and remixes, and novelty and usefulness. Explore the elusive and entertaining form in a pop-up “Meme Town” alongside Minnesota artists from a range of disciplines including visual art, performance, and music. Through interactive installations, digital playgrounds, and memes circulated before and after the event, attendees will help populate the meme landscape in imaginative new ways. A town hall meeting on the corruptibleness of memes will explore how the form is used towards vastly different ends by digital communities on the right and the left.

Schedule of Events:

5pm-9pm: Mitch Stahlmann, Paige Carlson, Ryan Aasen, and Meena Mangalvedhekar’s installations will be running continuously, engaging visitors in the complexities, joys, and tensions surrounding internet memes.

5 pm-7pm: Chris Cloud hosts a visitation for Pepe the Frog in the ArtLab

7 pm-7:30 pm: Funeral service for Pepe the Frog begins in the ArtLab officiated by Chris Cloud.

5:15 pm-7pm: Individual panelist, Rye Gentleman, Claire Carroll, Ziyang Wu spread throughout Meme Town

8 pm – 8:45 pm: Meme Town Hall in the Cinema

Guest Curator:

Eric Larson creates performance work. He is interested in awkwardness as a political force, internet meme aesthetics, and the authoritarianism of theatrical tropes. Eric recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Theatre Arts. Eric has shown work at The Southern Theater, Red Eye Theater, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Fresh Oysters — Performance Research, The Soap Factory, Intermedia Arts, Patrick’s Cabaret, and elsewhere. He has held residencies at The Soap Factory and Hinge Arts in Fergus Falls, MN.