General 9-14-2002

Art and Technologies

This September, mnartists features will be moving into a focus on the relation between artmaking and technologies: computers, sure, but also pens, pencils, cameras, mechanical carvers, chainsaws, recording technologies such as CDs–anything that extends the range and power of the body. If you have any thoughts on this issue, or any stories to tell about how technology has enabled your work or hurt it, made it possible or made it difficult, please send them here, to I’ll run them as often as they appear. As always, there’s a 250 word maximum (about a page) for this feature; shorter is fine. A sentence is enough if it says what you want. Images can be included if you wish. Attach them as digital files (jpgs preferred) to your message. Thanks for your interest!

Please send your thoughts on art and technologies to and we’ll post them here.